Online Structural Design - Web Based Calculations and Reports

This site is an ever expanding set of web based structural engineering calculations and reports. If you need a Structural engineering calculation you will probably find it here. If you can not find it please write us and we'll probably be able to help you by either uploading the calculation or by sending the calculation to you.
The calculation are structured as standalone Online Structural Engineering Spreadsheets where you just have to fill in the values and get instant results and reports.
Currently, the acess to all our calculations and reports is free, our main goal is to increase the calculation number and test the existing ones.


  • Calculation Reports for Steel, Concrete and Wood Elements
  • Proffesional Calculation Reports in Minutes
  • Metric / Imperial units
  • Fully referenced reports

Proffesional Structural Engineering Services

For Complex Structural Engineering Calculatins and Reports go HERE. Our Team is currently offering the full range of structural design services including complex structural engineering services, finite element method calculations per Eurocodes or US codes (Civil, Structural, Oil and Gas), and Structural detailing and drafting for concrete, steel or wood structures;