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Simple Beam - Uniformly Distributed Load        
Input  Output      
Beam characteristics Shears, Moments and Deflections      
Uniformly distributed load        
Beam characteristics            
w = kip/ft uniformly distributed load            
L = ft beam length            
E = ksi element elasticity modulus            
I = in4 element moment of inertia            
x = ft position for beam internal forces calculation            
Shears, Moments and Deflections            
wt= w*L  = kip total equivalent uniform load  
R = V = w*L/2  = kip support reactions / end shear  
Vx= w*(L/2-x)  = kip shear at x distance  
Mmax= w*L2/8  = kip*ft maximum moment  
Mx= w*x*(L-x)/2  = kip*ft moment at x distance  
max= 5*w*L4/(384*EI)  = in maximum deflection  
x= w*x*(L3-2*L*x2+x3)/24*EI  = in deflection at x distance  
Manual of Steel Construction - American Institute of Steel Construction Inc., 2005