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Project Title: Foundation calculation - interactive design spreadsheet   Calc. By Date Rev.
                  MN 16.04.2014 0
Subject/Feature: Foundation design; Foundation maximum soil pressure calculation   Checked By Date  
  Imperial Units spreadsheet   CN 16.04.2014  
Input  Output          
Working loads Eccentricity          
Footing dimensions Max. pressure on soil under foundation          
Pier dimensions            
Materials (soil, concrete)            
        per EN 1993-1-1 and EN 1993-1-8
Maximum working loads             pair of maximum loads. Mx and My are not  
N = kN axial force       considered simultaneous. Values are factored,
M = kN*m bending moment       Ultimate Limit State (ULS)    
F = kN horizontal force on top of foundation   Maximum working loads for the soil pressure calculation
                are determined with the load factors in EN 1990
Footing Dimensions             Annex 1 Table A1.2 (Set C)
L = mm Foudation base length notatie fundatii.jpg        
W = 2000 mm Foundation base width          
t = 500 mm Foundation base thickness          
  (parameters that can not be modified in the demo version)          
f = mm Depth to top of foundation base          
Pier Dimensions                    
l = mm pier dimension along X          
w = mm pier dimension along Z          
h = mm pier height          
Fill material characteristics                    
Unit weight of fill material                    
rfill = kN/m3 (Unit weight of fill material)            
Concrete characteristics                    
Unit weight of concrete                  
rconcrete = kN/m3 Unit weight of concrete     Unit weight of fill
Total fill weight above foundation          
Gfill = m3 * rfill = kN        
Total foundation concrete weight                
Gconcrete = m3 * rfill = kN              
Loads transfered to the ground (for the calculation of soil max. pressure)          
gG,j,sup =             per EN 1990
Nbase = gG,j,sup * (Gfill + Gconcrete) + N = kN     Annex 1 Table A1.2 (Set C)
Mbase = Fx * (t + h) + M = kN*m       The value for g may be modified by the National Annex
e = Mbase/Nbase = mm eccentricity              
L/6 = mm                
L/2 = mm                  
notatie fundatii 2.jpg
Mbase = kN*m    
  Nbase = kN    
        Foundation Base        
EN 1997-1-1:2004 - Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design - Part 6 - Surface foundations